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The Diaper Free Summer

The natural and intuitive summer potty independence online program.

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Can you picture it? The sweet warm breeze, relaxed evenings, and warm rays.

The shifting season naturally encourages your toddler towards potty independence.

You're on the right path,

gently preparing,

building your little one's awareness of their body, sensations, and needs.
And you're thinking about the right time to move from diapers to potty.

You can lead your little one to potty independence THIS summer with the right preparation and support.

You've heard

it's natural for your toddler to independently use a potty as young as 12-18 months or soon after with your gentle, loving guidance.

You've done your research.

You know that prepared parents thrive in early parenthood, and so do their little ones.

You've been avoiding intensive and coercive potty training methods that erode your precious parent-child trust and make way for guilt and frustration.

You value evidence based practices and are committed to remaining teachable. You're ready for guidance, support, and a community you can thrive in.

And your little one is so ready to be potty independent.

But you're still left wondering how to start, and where to go from there.

Montessori inspired parenting courses potty independence training

Now enrolling families in

The Diaper Free Summer

A liberating, evidence-based online summer toileting program that welcomes early self-care, connection, and communication as essential and beautiful parts of your parent-child bond.

Make the leap from diapers to potty independence naturally this coming summer. I want you to feel the difference in the way your toddler looks at you - with a trust and self-awareness that rests on the respectful parenting practices you’ve worked hard to make a part of your home.

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What's included?

Peak inside The Diaper Free Summer

Weekly virtual workshops and community support sessions yearly from May to August.


1 year access to our parent-friendly online course

24 concise and knowledge packed lessons across 4 learning modules, including journaling prompts, mindfulness exercises, and simple to use templates.

Module 1

The science and art of natural potty independence


1.1 Diapering and the return to natural toileting independence

1.2 The toileting landscape

1.3 Honouring sensitive periods

1.4 Clothing and toddler bodies

1.5 Science for early independence

Module 2

Preparing for natural independence


2.1 Early diaper freedom in practice

2.2 Cues, patterns, and responding to eliminations

2.3 The shared role of diapers and potties

2.4 The importance of home

2.5 Pre and post potty independence

2.6 Journalling and your written-in-sand plan

2.7 Exercise: Building Resilience

Module 3

Crossing the potty threshold with confidence


3.1 Starting daytime potty independence

3.2 Roles and responsibilities

3.3 The last daytime diaper

3.4 A toileting independence roadmap

3.5 Dry nights

3.6 Pausing independence and regrouping

Module 4

Nurturing awareness and focus


4.1 Where awareness comes from

4.2 Awareness opportunities

4.3 The science behind concentration

4.4 Opening up space for focus

4.5 Pausing awareness and regrouping

4.6 Exercise: Mirror Work

I want to see you thrive, in this program, and at home.


Access our curated Montessori and Respectful Parenting inspired course


Recharge with weekly virtual sessions to fuel your progress and get your questions answered


Learning, progressing, and sharing wins makes all the difference.

I know, with full confidence, that you're going to feel empowered by your ability to guide your child's potty independence progress and more connected to your child.

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Your journey matters.

What's it like working with us? Our inspiring customer testimonials say it all.

Erika is delightful to work with! She helped me realise exactly what I wanted. I would recommend Bueno Market to anyone! Thank you Erika.


This is my second time to work with Erika and I must say that she exceeded my expectations yet again! Thank you so much, Erika! I look forward to working with you much more in the future.

CamillePortland, OR, USA

Erika was absolutely AMAZING to work with. She responded to my questions immediately, offered suggestions. Thanks Erika!


Have we met?

Hi, I'm Erika

Mom to 3 little people, self-taught Montessori aficionado, citizen ecologist, and all-round nurturing soul with a background in Economics and a future in Landscape Architecture. As the founder and author/writer/podcaster behind Raise In Place and Bueno Market, I'm the friend that will journey alongside you in our programs.

Like you, I'm committed to a conscious and respectful approach to family life.

More specifically I've narrowed in on building our families on trust and connection, skill building and self-awareness (for us and our kids!), traditional wisdom supported by evidence-based practices, and the freedom that welcomes all of us to make mistakes and own our progress.

Together we'll ask the hard questions, simplify what has been made complex, and open ourselves up to what feels natural and intuitive.

This is a place were good folks gather.

Growth-mindset, conscious, and positive parents grow here.

"Even though it's my second time doing a diaper free summer, my second baby is so different from the first! Definitely facing different challenges this time around and looking forward to jumping into this course and all it has to offer alongside like-minded parents."

The Diaper Free Summer MemberHailey

Take a moment to imagine...

What a diaper free summer with us will feel like?

The soaring satisfaction of reaching one of your biggest family goals

A confidence boost for the whole family!

The meaningful connections that come with parenting within a supportive community

☞ Backed by our bueno guarantee

We want every family to feel empowered and thrilled by the quality of our programs. If you enrol in The Diaper Free Summer and then decide it's not for you, reach out to us within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund.

Are you ready to say yes to potty independence with us next summer?

Join our program and enjoy:

Weekly virtual group workshops May to August

Instant access to your online course

12 months of access to The Diaper Free Summer course + our group's weekly workshop recordings

Forever access to our online community

Bonus Ask-Me-Anything 1-to-1 support session

Your investment

$599 of value for a one-time payment of


Plus, invite a friend to the program and you both receive a $25 off.

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The Diaper Free Summer FAQ

We love the 1.5-2 hour test. If your child is 12+ months has every gone diaper free for 1.5-2 hours, they're ready. Haven't tried? Try going diaper free for a few hours in an easy to clean space (patio, park, or an indoor space with washable flooring) a few days over the next week and observe their pattern. Don't worry about accidents. They're expected and normal and a chance to show your little one their bodily functions and needs :) And remember, you've got 14 days for a full refund if the timing doesn't work out to be right.

Weekly workshops start early May and continue through to early August. You'll continue to have access to the online course and be invited to follow up events for 12 months after your enrolment.

Our weekly workshops are Tuesday evenings from 7:45-8:30pm EST.

Our workshops will be recorded, and you'll have a chance to submit questions ahead of time, so if you can't make it, we will still be able to address your questions with the group and you'll be able to watch the recording when you're able to.

You're enrolment is backed by our bueno guarantee - if you decide the course isn't for you, reach out within 14 days of your purchase and we'll refund you.

If you want to continue but life gets in the way (hey we know it happens!), you'll have access to the course and recordings of the live workshops for 12 months, giving you a chance to return to it when life allows.

I want you to know,

there's a good reason
The Diaper Free summer
was our first course we launched.

Because, truly, I know how important this is to you and your little one.

And I know that post-potty-independence-glow you are going to feel on the other side of this program.

Are you ready to reach one of your biggest parenting goals this summer?

Potty independence is just weeks away!

Yes! We need this.
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