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Helping good folks raise great kids.

Online courses + community for curious parents who want to learn, busy parents who don't have time to research, and anyone mindfully preparing to raise little people. explore our courses

Ready to embrace the wildly big self-growth side of parenthood?

Hi, I'm Erika

With my background in design, education, and economics, I guide you through timeless and evidence-based practices to help you build a family that grows together and that you truly LOVE being with. Love a good story? Read on!

Your personal growth is your biggest parenting tool.

Backed by research, traditional practices, years of experience and expert-led advice, our online courses take you from where ever you are in your parenting journey and make family life full of joy and purpose, with frameworks and practices that support you in bringing your best self to your parenting moments.

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The P Word

Prepared, empowered, potty progress. Reach early potty independence naturally while cultivating a family that learns and grows together. Show me how!

And be one of the first into our Montessori and Permaculture inspired courses.

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Curious? Growth-minded? You'll fit right into our parenting community.

Parenting is a practice best done with others who inspire you. Join other intentional families in our featured and recurring events.

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Press pause with us every Monday.

And then return to your little ones with renewed purpose and presence.

Mindful Mondays are weekly evidence-based, parent-approved parenting practice for busy and curious parents like you. Sent distraction-free, to your inbox, before your you wake.

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Did you know that 44% of parents are raising their kids differently than how they were raised when it comes to love and their relationship with their children.

We're raising kids during parenting revolution.

So, go ahead and reach for those parenting ideals.

With the right knowledge, support, and community, you can heal and grow in ways that will benefit your family now and for generations to come. It's all built on a solid understanding of your values and principles. While you can't copy our homework, chances are there's some overlap - take a peek!

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