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The Diaper Free Summer Program

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What you'll find inside The Diaper Free Summer:

Weekly virtual workshops and community support sessions yearly from May to August.



1 year access to our parent-friendly online course

24 concise and knowledge-packed lessons across 4 learning modules, including journaling prompts, mindfulness exercises, and simple-to-use templates.

Module 1: The science and art of natural potty independence
 Diapering and the return to natural toileting independence
 The toileting landscape
Honouring sensitive periods
Clothing and toddler bodies
Science for early independence

Module 2: Preparing for natural independence
Early diaper freedom in practice
Cues, patterns, and responding to eliminations
The shared role of diapers and potties
The importance of home
Pre and post-potty independence
Journalling and your written-in-sand plan
Exercise: Building Resilience

Module 3: Crossing the potty threshold with confidence
Starting daytime potty independence
Roles and responsibilities
The last daytime diaper
A toileting independence roadmap
Dry nights
Pausing independence and regrouping

Module 4: Nurturing awareness and focus
Where awareness comes from
Awareness opportunities
The science behind concentration
Opening up space for focus
Pausing awareness and regrouping
Exercise: Mirror Work


Together you'll get:
 Weekly virtual group learning and question sessions May to August
 Instant access to your online course
 12 months of access to The Diaper Free Summer course + our group's weekly workshop recordings
 Forever access to our members only community
 Bonus 1-on-1 Ask-Me-Anything Session



$599 of value for



I want to make sure you get your spot!

Pre-enrollment is now open and families are joining for next summer. To make sure everyone has a great experience and access to support we limit spaces and close our doors for the year when we're full.

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