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We are helping curious, busy folks to thrive in early parenthood

Online Parenting Courses

Join from your family home, on your own time, with lifetime access to the Bueno Market community of families.

The P Word

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Reach early potty independence naturally while cultivating a family that learns and grows together.

We're liberating families (and little bottoms) everywhere with our evidence-based online toileting program that welcomes early self-care, connection, and communication as essential and beautiful parts of your parent-child bond.

Packed with the toileting knowledge, systems, community and support you need to fuel your journey, our program will guide you through a simple, respectful parenting, and Montessori-inspired approach to reaching toileting mastery. And fair warning - it's binge-worthy!

I'm calling it! Everything you need for a beautiful connection building experience to toileting mastery is already in you, waiting for you to call it forward.

Let's journey together!

What's coming up?

We're growing with you. Be the first to have access to upcoming programs by joining a wait list...or two!

The Montessori Toolbox

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Find higher purpose in your parenting with Montessori principles

Go from parenting in the monent, to parenting FOR the moment.

We've bundled 12 wisdom packed -mini-courses into this program, giving you practical and applicable insight into Maria's system of systems that has proven nurturing to children and adults for nearly 100 years! We're confident that this approach, now substantially backed by research, is here to stay in a BIG way.

There will be no shortage of ah-ha moments during and after our compact and active lessons with inspiring audio, video, downloads, journalling prompts and excercises that will hone your new principles first parenting skills.

Once we've mastered the 6 Montessori Principles key to preparing parents, we'll use that to build confidence in addressing the 6 biggest goals on every parents list.

Launching 2024

The Permaculture Toolbox

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Find deeper meaning and learning with our Permaculture approach to family life

We churn our wheels creating learning experience for our kids outside of the home when our homes and the homes of our village - we're talking grandparents, family, friends, neighbours, provide THE richest early learning experiences. We're bringing this seriously comprensive whole-sysems to the household level.

We'll dive into a framework that wil allow you to do more with less, build sustainable family systems, and super charge your family learning with hands on, real-at-gets, collaboration, resource building, and connection making.

Launching 2025

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