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The Bueno Way

What happens when you merge education design, phychology, and evidence based approaches to family life?

A company that's reimagining the journey of early parenthood as one of the greatest opportunities for personal growth, purpose, and joy.

Hi, I'm Erika

And I've been pursuing the intersection of design and early education as founder of Bueno Market since 2014.

Want to know how I got here?

Real quick, I'm mom to 3 little humans who have inspired me to pursue Montessori and Permaculture, while leaning into my nurturing soul on the fierce pursuit to do good. With my background in design, education, and economics, I guide you through timeless and evidence-based practices to help you build a family that grows together and that you truly LOVE being with.

It's a take what you need kinda vibe.

And leave the rest behind. Say goodbye to overwhelm. Here are the ways we help families find purpose and joy in early parenthood ➞

Mindful Mondays

Our weekly parenting practice: A mantra + insight to elevate your parenting mindset. So quick you can peek while you brush your teeth. Sent distraction-free, to your inbox, before you wake. Join the practice

The Learning Hub

Fuel your parenting journey by tapping into our expert led support and events. See what's on

Parenting Programs

Guide your little one with confidence. Break cycles, build purpose into your parenting moments, invite beauty and intention, and find joy. Whether it's in the magically mundane and major milestones of early parenthood, our programs all combine evidence-based core knowledge, support, and community to fuel your journey. Explore

Meet our Advisors

We are currently building our advisory board of design, education, and research professionals and will officially announce our board in 2024.

Our vision?

We're finding new ways to combine community and emerging technology to make evidence-based parenting approaches accessible to growth-mindset parents.

Enter the heart of Bueno Market

But maybe you REALLY want to know how it all started?

Here's what I didn't realize when I was younger:

Knowledge transfer through design has always facinated me, and now I'm leaning in.

From teaching piano, to assisting in the research of problem-based learning and inquiry classes during my undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo, to systematically implementing Montessori into my household, learning pedagogy has always played a key role in my pursuits.

Shanghai was home to me in my early 20s while working with partners to build an education program for children.

Soon after returning to Canada I reconnected with my tech startup friends back in what has become Canada's biggest startup hub, Waterloo where I was inspired and encouraged to start the collaborative graphic and web design studio, The Shft, providing UX design, product consulting and building web, graphic and marketing assets for startups in Canada and internationally.

In 2014, while pregnant with my first, I launched Bueno Market as a print design shop, transitioning to a new design medium and beginning to work with families and professionals in the education space.

Early 2021, the time was right to reimagine my 7 year long journey with Bueno Market. I set a goal to build the team and transition from a product-first to an education-first company.

This year we're expanding including a new board of advisors and adding roles so we can support more families.

After 20 years in the education and design world, I'm bringing my experience in with mid-stage tech startups, progressive education principles and whole systems thinking to drive the vision and tech behind the Bueno Market.

My promise to you?

To dive into the nourishing, connection-building, and wildly BIG self-growth side of parenthood with you every step of the way.

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