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Potty training naturally, intuitively, and with purpose in The Diaper Free Summer - Workshop #1

Are you ready to guide your little one to potty independence (aka potty training naturally, intuitively, and with purpose)?

The Diaper Free Summer is everything you need to go from a diapered to a potty independent toddler. Over the coming weeks, you'll get access to our course modules as we journey side-by-side in the workshops and at home with our little ones.

Potty Independence in progress! We'll kicked off the program with our first workshop with 5 more to follow this summer. 


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Come have a peak inside The Diaper Free Summer

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The art and science of natural potty independence. We're asking the BIG questions and getting to know our community of parents in week 1's workshop!

Preparing for natural independence. We're going to dive into your child's perspective - their personality, developmental stage, and preferences to find what's going to motivate them towards independence.

Crossing the potty threshold with confidence. We're going after daytime potty independence with a plan, with a deeper understanding our role, and our child's role in their success.

Nurturing awareness and focus. We'll find the balance between novelty-seeking and mastery-seeking when it comes to building and keeping your little ones focus and awareness on their body and newfound toileting skills.

Pause, Reflect, Review. We're leaving plenty of space for you to work at your pace, and to follow your child's natural progress. We'll use this time to dive into the concepts you'd like more, narrowing in on what YOU need to thrive!


If we haven’t met, my name is Erika Fraser,

And I am here to dive into the nourishing, connection-building, and wildly BIG self-growth side of parenthood with you.

I’m a Southern Ontario Mama who moved her graphic and web design business to Toronto, became enchanted with Montessori in early parenthood, and is now building a hub for families like you to thrive in early parenthood.

Family rhythms, whole-systems thinking, learning pedagogy - I’m bringing it all with my background in design, education, and economics as I guide you through timeless and evidence-based practices to help you build a family that grows together and that you truly LOVE being with.

Together we’ll explore our unexamined assumptions, slow down to notice the not-ALWAYS-so-obvious details, and deepen our practice of positive and intentional parenting so we can respond to our children prepared and renewed!

Always learning alongside you,


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