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The P Word

Empowered potty independence.

How good would it feel to be done with diapers while cultivating a family that learns and grows together?

So good! Show me how

Because potty training dosn't need to be a power struggle.

You and your toddler's body are both on team potty, even if their brain doesn't realize it...yet.

Have we met?

Hi, I'm Erika Fraser!

I’m an expert in user experience here to dive into the nourishing, connection-building, and wildly BIG self-growth side of parenthood with you.

Family rhythms, whole-systems thinking, learning pedagogy?

Yes! I’m bringing it all with my background in design, education, and economics as I guide you through timeless and evidence-based practices to help you build a family that grows together and that you truly LOVE being with.

7 years ago I set out to cultivate a growth-mindset for my family...

I dug deep and put in the time, connecting the dots, and science, behind my little one’s natural independence. And then I applied it again, and again.

All 3 of my children were able to enjoy reliable dry days by 18 months old. And as a busy parent, I loved it too!

Years later, we're still benefiting from the family patterns and culture we cultivated - talk about making the most of a family milestone!

Since then, I have helped dozens of families grow more connected through their diaper-free journey with my winning combination of essential knowledge, support and community.

And now Bueno Market is where good folks gather to raise great kids.

"If you’ve made it this far to researching and learning about what it means to [go diaper free] and follow your child’s lead you are in THE right spot."

Joined Summer 2023Hailey Seepa, Orillia Canada

"Working in healthcare, I’m passionate about both the environment and empowering my children with independence, confidence, and, very personal and important to me - dignity. Erika's impact on my family was SO profound!"

Joined Summer 2023Christi S., Vancouver Canada

"From overwhelmed to inspired, I never thought potty training would be an experience of a life-time for our family but here I am feeling just that, thanks to this program."

Joined Summer 2023Naya G., NYC USA
Montessori-inspired parenting courses potty independence training

Bueno Market presents:

The P Word

Empowered Potty Training.

With Erika Fraser

All in a compact 4-module course plus personalized virtual support, and a community of dozens of other like-minded families with you every step of the way.

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And new friend, don't knock - just come on in.

See what's inside The P Word.

You're now entering an elevated parenting zone ➞ Personal growth happens here!
Module 1

The Science + Art of Natural Potty Independence

Where you'll uncover diapering culture and the return to natural toileting independence, the toileting landscape, honouring sensitive periods, clothing + little human bodies and the science of early independence.
Module 2

Preparing for Natural Independence

Prepared with module 1's knowledge, we'll explore early diaper freedom in practice; Cues, patterns, and responding to eliminations, the shared role of diapers and potties, the importance of home, and pre- and post-potty independence.
Module 3

Crossing the potty threshold with confidence

We make it simple to start daytime potty independence by understanding roles and responsibilities, planning for the last daytime diaper, creating a toileting independence roadmap, looking ahead to dry nights, and knowing when to pausing independence and regroup.
Module 4

Nurturing awareness and focus

Get a deeper understanding of where the awareness to reach potty mastery comes from, find new awareness opportunities, peak into the science behind concentration, open up space for focus, and when to take a step back and regroup.

Get what you need. When you need it.

We give you lifetime updates to the course and a forever membership to our private community.

Honestly, join and stay with us until you've mastered this family milestone.

You determine when you're done.

Speaking of feeling empowered...

Step into your parenting potential with the support you need to sustain your zen.

Get 'em all!

The P Word comes with perks,

and it's a take-what-you-need-to-feel-nourished kinda vibe. Slow your scroll...check out all these goodies!
The P Word Exclusive

Hello Potty Workshop Series

Start our signature 6-part series for families when you're ready to leap from diapers to potty with your 15+ month old. Choose your pace: your daily or weekly workshops will take under 1 hour each to complete. Join our weekly virtual drop-in hours for added support during this time. Either way you'll finish feeling prepare to go diaper free.
The P Word Exclusive

Weekly Q+A's and ongoing workshops

We're here to support you year round. Join our weekly ask-anything sessions and cover core potty concepts with special topic and guest events to fuel your journey. On the house.
$149 value!

Parenting As A Practice VIP

You're invited to join our weekly parenting mindset newsletter. Personalize your weekly practice by requesting tools and techniques specific to you in The P Word weekly Q&As.
$197 value!

Exclusive Members-Only Community

*Coming soon! Exclusive access to me and my team where we share ongoing opportunities to deepen your learning and celebrate your developing process and progress.

We've setting the parenting-with-purpose bar high.

Like, can't-find-this-level-of-thoughtfulness anywhere else kinda high.

Get all the perks + lifetime updates and access.

The P Word

Empowering, evidence-based potty training for $219

Need to go diaper free asap?

Inside The P Word, you'll be invited to start Hello Potty , an on-demand workshop series for families approaching or currently transitioning to a potty.

6 guided workshops will take you through The P Word core knowledge + framework along with invites to extra support and a parenting community of families making the diapers to potty transition together.

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Nina G. joined 2023, NYC USA

In the workshops, Erika encouraged me to take a few steps back and focus on skills we had skipped over in our baby and toddler years - And it payed off!

☞ the bueno guarantee

Take 30 days to get a feel for it.

It won't take long to see progress. Just a few bite-sized lessons in you're going to see the difference in the way your little one looks at you and how you respond to them.

We want our programs to feel like you've unlocked a new potential in yourself.

If after 30 days you find it's not right for you reach out and we'll buy the program back from you, no questions asked.

Plus, lifetime access means you can stay as long as it takes to feel done, and come and go as you need, when you need.

Because family life can be that way, and that's totally ok!

Oh, and no need to wait for lessons to release, or make it to zoom meetings during bed time.

Our team takes care of sending reminders, sharing recordings, and helping you personalize your learning so you can focus on what matters. So go ahead...

Drop the tension outta those shoulders

Imagine 20 years from today...

✓ You lined up those family and personal values to reach one of your biggest family goals - talk about building positive core values and character. You modelled it for your little one from the start!

✓ How about that high-five-worthy (or baby-fist pump) confidence boost you and your little one need right about now? That's team work that last through the teen years!

✓ No lone-wolf parenting - the meaningful connections that came with journeying alongside a supportive community have gifted you life-long, world-wide friends.

You don't regret for a second that delivered the growth and connection they needed during a critical developmental stage. Their hugs, trust in you, and way of being in the world say it all.

✓ Phew! You did a really good job raising a great human that you love being and growing with.

Alright mums, dads - let's wiggle those toes and fingers. Come back to the present with me...

We need this! I'm in.

Let's get to those FAQs

Like so many early childhood skills, you can start right from birth and build from there - it's never too early to start body awareness and responsive communication. The earlier you start, the more time your little one has to adopt and normalize what they are learning.

Starting early also creates less of a learning crunch for you - When its time to go from diapers to potty, you'll be ready for it and they will too!

We love when expecting parents, or parents of new babies join along with families who have toddlers who are ready to leap from diapers to potty, or have already started and have gotten stuck so we can grow and learn together. It's one of the perks of our forever membership community!

Try the 1.5-2 hour test. If your 12+ month old child has every gone diaper-free for 1.5-2 hours without needing to pee, they're holding it, and ready to start building potty skills.

Haven't tried?

Offer your little one diaper-free time for a few hours in an easy to clean space (patio, park, or an indoor space with washable flooring) a few days over the next week and observe their natural pattern. Don't worry about accidents - we call them misses and they're expected, normal, and a chance for your little one to feel and see their bodily functions.

But don't worry - we'll cover this in detail in the program and you'll have a chance to bring ALL your questions to our live Q+A sessions.

The course contains about 6 hrs of learning.

It's binge-worthy if you're in the depths of potty struggles and want (or NEED) to cover it all in one go.

If you're here to prepare and start slow, you can go through it self-paced.

Feel free to make use of ongoing intensives that will guide you though all of the content across 1-2 weeks.

Join the community to learn and share with others.

Get in on our ongoing Q+A sessions for personalized support.

Remember to book your bonus 30 minute 1-on-1 session with Erika anytime you need a little extra support.

And remember that you can always book additional support sessions during weekly office hours, creating a support system that feels just right.

Our virtual workshops will be recorded and shared with you.

If we're including a Q+A, we'll always give you a chance to submit your questions ahead of time so that even if you aren't there, you can have your questions answered.

You're enrolment is backed by our bueno guarantee.

If life gets in the way (hey we know it happens!), you have lifetime access to the course, program updates, and a forever membership to our community.

Come back when you're ready and nd stay as long as you need to feel done. No questions asked!

What's better than purpose paired with a positive impact?

We're for people + planet, now and always. Feel good about your progress at home and out in the world.


Families in need gifted accessible access to our program.


Bueno families' average savings by embracing potty independence.

15 225

Diapers that never left the store, or got sent to the landfill.

Forever acccess to our nourishing knowledge, systems, and ongoing support and community here for your family for $219.

So good! Count me in
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