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The Diaper Free Toolbox

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Reclaim the lost wisdom of early toileting independence.

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It's surprising when you think about it.

We're raising our children in a diaper dependent society,

where it's become the norm to ignore the elimination cues our babies naturally share. Without realizing it, we encourage them to go freely into their diapers, without mindfulness or self-awareness, often until 3 or even 4 years old. Over time, our babies, then toddlers, and eventually young children stop paying attention to their body's needs, until the day their parents admit it’s time to potty train or their child refuses diapers.
Parents are left scrambling to understand which intensive potty training method will work for them - do they take 3 or 7 days off of work? A couple days of sticker charts, surgery treats, and accidents has them worried their child won’t get it.

So they resort to coercive methods.

And invite external motivation like treats and prizes into their household culture. They feel trapped having left potty training until the last moment and need a quick fix.

But it wasn’t always this way.

For nearly all of human history, parents responded to their infant’s elimination cues just like feeding, sleep, pain, and other needs. Toileting independence was a gradual process of building awareness and skills. It strengthened trust and communication between baby and parent.
Knowing the power of meaningful connection and communication,

you're looking for a way to invite toileting and self-care into your relationship with your baby.

After all, the toileting products and practices available and normalized within the last 100 years are harming children's health, family relationships and our planet. 

It's gentle, intuitive and natural for parents to work together with their babies so that by 12-18 month old they independently use a potty.

You've felt this intuitively and are ready for an alternative.

Because highly absorbent diapers have taken away the opportunity for our babies to get the feedback needed to motivate them to use the potty on their own. A warm-but-soiled and dry-to-the-touch diaper has been confused as a source of comfort instead of critical feedback needed to practise personal hygiene.

Prepared parents thrive in early parenthood, and so do their little ones. It's only when parents are caught unprepared that they resort to intensive and coercive potty training methods instead of gradually preparing and aligning their children’s potty independence skills to their natural development.

You wonder, how did society become so diaper dependent? After all, disposable diapers have only been around since the 1950’s. But despite the challenges and concerns of a diapered 3 or 4 year old, the convenience of diapering has been so compelling that parents have completely stopped paying attention to their baby’s toileting cues, and babies have stopped communicating their needs. Early toileting has become a lost art in most developed countries.

But you value evidence based practices and you're committed to remaining teachable. You're already mentally making space to invite toileting and self-care into your relationship with your little one. You know you can diaper with flexibility and intention, but you're too short on time to do all the research yourself. You're missing guidance, support, and a community.


The Diaper Free ASAP Toolbox

A liberating, evidence-based infant and toddler toileting course that invites early self-care, connection, and communication as essential parts of your parent-child relationship.

Reaching toileting independence is one of the earliest and most confidence boosting, liberating, self-care challenges you and your child will experience in their early years. I want you to feel the difference in the way your baby looks at you - with a trust and self-awareness that rests on the respectful parenting practices you’ve worked hard to make a part of your home.

Enroll now, start June 20th!


What's Inside The Diaper Free ASAP Toolbox


Toileting Awareness and Elimination Communication from 0-18 months


Making the leap to potty independence at or around 12-18 months


Building the skills for full toileting independence in early childhood

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