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Congrats! Your guide, "5 Simple Steps to a Potty Trained Toddler," is en route to your inbox.

Before you go, I have some potty wisdom share. From one busy parent to another...

Here's the honest question we all want the answer to:

Is there a fast track to diaper freedom?

And the (maybe surprising) truth is, yes! Let me explain with some science-backed, parent-approved potty training tips.

Your toddler was build for this.

Here's the good news: You, your toddler's body and their brain (even if they don't know it or show it...yet) are all on team potty.

Go team go!

Open up the guide and you'll see that your toddler's prime potty training window is 12-24 months with interest and cooperation decreasing after that. So whether your toddler is 14 or 34 months, there no better time to start than now!

The research is clear:

Going diaper free earlier is easier.

Studies show the sooner you introduce a potty, the more interested and willing your child is.

Stack that with the long term physical and mental health benefits to your child.

Plus the positive impact on our planet.

And it's no wonder folks report feeling more parenting connection and satisfaction when they choose to potty train earlier.

Waiting for your child to be older doesn't pay off.

Counterintuitive, I know!

Lean in. Let's talk real potty progress.

With your guide on its way, let's debunk the most common myth: Should you wait for your toddler to show readiness?

Here's the real deal: Toddlers show interest when their parents show interest. Your genuine involvement and enthusiasm is what will spark your toddler's curiosity and cooperation.

We're ready for you inside the only potty training course and community that elevates your parenting while you guide your child to potty success.

New friend,

Let me show you around.

You're now entering an elevated parenting zone ➞ Personal growth happens here!
Module 1:

The Art + Science of Natural Potty Independence

Where you'll uncover diapering culture and the return to natural toileting independence, the toileting landscape, honouring sensitive periods, clothing + little human bodies and the science of early independence.
Module 2:

Preparing for Natural Independence

Prepared with module 1's knowledge, we'll explore early diaper freedom in practice; Cues, patterns, and responding to eliminations, the shared role of diapers and potties, the importance of home, and pre- and post-potty independence.
Module 3:

Cross the potty threshold with confidence

We make it simple to start daytime potty independence by understanding roles and responsibilities, planning for the last daytime diaper, creating a toileting independence roadmap, looking ahead to dry nights, and knowing when to pausing independence and regroup.
Module 4:

Daytime Confidence - Nurturing awareness and focus

Get a deeper understanding of where the awareness to reach potty mastery comes from, find new awareness opportunities, peak into the science behind concentration, open up space for focus, and when to take a step back and regroup.
Module 5:

Increasing Independence - Dry Nights and Potty Mastery

Get back to your routine while continuing to support dry days, work towards dry nights with evidence based practices, and learn how to spot and support your child through difficult toileting scenarios.
Module 6:

The Magic of Elimination Communication

Learn how the forgotten cues baby's give from birth develop the self-awareness and focus that primes them for a smooth transition to potty training, and how it can unlock your toddler's potty cooperation.

Potty training course white flower

Instant access with lifetime membership + updates.

The P Word

The empowering, evidence-based potty training course and community.

What's Included?

The P Word Course is your purpose-filled parenting guide from birth to potty mastery. 6 curated and knowledge packed modules guide you through the 5 Stages of Potty Training including:

The Science + Art of Natural Potty Independence

Preparing for Natural Independence

Crossing the potty threshold with confidence


Nurturing awareness and focus

With bonus lessons on Elimination Communication.

Fast track through the course with our signature 6-part series. Choose your pace: daily or weekly 40 minute workshops. Either way you'll finish feeling prepared to start the potty party.

Join a community of dozens of other like-minded families with you every step of the way with invites to our expert-led workshops, weekly Drop-Ins, and more.

We give you lifetime updates to the course and a forever membership to our private community.

Honestly, join and stay with us until you've mastered this family milestone. And then stick around for little siblings too.

You determine when you're done.

It won't take long to see progress. Just a few bite-sized lessons in you're going to see the difference in the way your little one looks at you and how you respond to them.

We want our programs to feel like you've unlocked a new potential in yourself.

If after 30 days you find it's not right for you reach out and we'll buy the program back from you, no questions asked.

Happy customers you'll find inside our community.

From the team behind Bueno Market's Shop with 100+ 5 Star Reviews ★★★★★

"Working in healthcare, I’m passionate about both the environment and empowering my children with independence, confidence, and, very personal and important to me - dignity. Erika's impact on my family was SO profound!"

Joined Summer 2023Christi S., Vancouver Canada

"If you’ve made it this far to researching and learning about what it means to [go diaper free] and follow your child’s lead you are in THE right spot."

Joined Summer 2023Hailey Seepa, Orillia Canada

"From overwhelmed to inspired, I never thought potty training would be an experience of a life-time for our family but here I am feeling just that, thanks to this program."

Joined Summer 2023Naya G., NYC USA

Should you try this on your own?

Here's the thing - you could navigate the 5 Simple Steps to a Potty Trained Toddler solo.

But if a guided journey, that nurtures the right mindset for an effective, positive, and quick potty journey, alongside a community of like-minded parents sounds like the village you've always hoped to show up and help, you are going to love what we have going on inside The P Word.

Potty training course

Potty progress is so close!

The investment? Less than 3 months worth of diapering. The pay off? Life-changing for you and your child.

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