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pin punching kit

pre-writing skill building

Pin punching is a pre-writing activity for children who are starting to build focus and concentration, as well as the muscles in the hand needed for writing. This activity helps foster good writing posture and develops the child’s pencil grip.

design considerations

Our set is designed to include all the components needed for the activity on one tray. The tray includes a compartment for the pinning tool to give the child a safe place to place the tool down when not in use, and for safe travel as the child carries the tool to their work surface. 

We’ve selected an ultra thick 100% wool felt in natural tones that don’t distract from the work. The colours have been selected to age well.

The felt inlay is sized to sit perfectly in the tray, flush and level with the sides of the board. 

This makes the board more comfortable for the child’s hands to rest on as they work and provides a reliable surface so that there is no damage to the surface below. 

The board’s size was made to be easy for beginners to handle yet provide enough space for more complex work as children master their technique and gain strength. 

Replacement tools and felt inlays are available on our website. 

Sustainably designed and made in Toronto, Canada. 

For full details visit


how to start 

introduction and building familiarity

You will need the Paper Pinning set as well as a 4x4 paper with the outline of a shape or letter. 

Meet the child at a table. We recommend doing writing-related activities at a table to build the habit of good writing posture.

Talk to the child about the safety of using the pinning tool and putting it away after each use. You might say “The needle is sharp and it can hurt you or other people. Please remember that it can only be used on paper. Each time we are done using it, we put it away here on this shelf/you give it to me to put away”.

Model the activity for your child.

Place the paper on top of the felt mat.

Hold the pinning tool just like how you would hold a pencil.

Using the pinning tool make a hole on each dot. Continue slowly along the shape on the paper.

The goal is to punch little holes very close together, and eventually, the shape can be removed from the paper.

Now it’s the child’s turn! 




once the child understands the activity

The shapes on the paper can be switched seasonally or can be based on the child’s interests.

You may create your own paper or you can find seasonal collections added regularly to for purchase or as printables.

Children may use the pinned-out shape on a pasting activity or colour activity.



Try to remind the child how to safely use the pinning tool often initially. Ensure that the child understands how to put the tool away after each use and monitor that they’ve done so. 

Bueno Market aims to provide aesthetically beautiful educational materials inspired by Montessori principles. Our products are designed with a soothing colour palette and use natural materials to effortlessly fit into your space. 

Every detail of the products is considered to support learning. The minimalistic aesthetics are chosen purposefully to reduce distractions and help children focus on the tasks at hand.

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