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number set

The Number set is for children who are learning to associate the symbol with the name of the number. 

When using the Number set, we can encourage children to trace the numbers with their fingers while repeating the name. The muscular movement of the hand and the tactile feel of tracing numbers, while saying or hearing the name of the number; all play a role in fixating information in a child’s mind.


design considerations: 

The Number set is printed in a beautiful sage green on a natural cardstock. The neutral background is chosen so that the numbers can stand out. The bottom corners of the cards are rounded to help children distinguish the direction in which the cards should be placed. 

Designed and printed in Toronto, Canada. Printed on Mohawk Fine Papers, Milled in New York, USA: Elemental Chlorine Free FSC Certified Green-e Certification Lignin Free Made Using Wind Power

how to start:

Situated the child at a table (We recommend doing writing-related activities at a table to build the habit of good writing posture).

Pick three numbers and set them to the side.

Put one number in front of the child

Say the name of the number. (For example, “This is one”.)

Extending two fingers, slowly trace the number on the card while saying the name.

Ask the child to do the same.

Move the card away and repeat for the remaining numbers.

The lessons can be short. Keeping it fun and letting the child guide the length of the lessons.

Extensions (for when the child is starting to gain familiarity with the numbers):

Children can be asked to say the number and count the number. (For example “This is three. One, two, three”)

Make it a game:

Using hold up a number card and ask the child to do an action according to the card. (For example, the child reads the number three  and the child jumps three times)

Place the numbers around the room. Ask the child to go find the number.

After placing the cards in order. Ask the child to go around the home to look for the corresponding number of objects.

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