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number board

The Number Board is a tool for children who are beginning to recognize the numbers 1-10. Children can trace the numbers carefully with their fingers for tactile input or use the accompanying wooden stick to practice holding a pencil. Children can develop muscle memory by practicing the movements, and preparing their hands to put pen to paper. On the back of the board, there is a template of a Ten Frame. The Ten Frame creates sections on the board that can be used as a visual to help children develop their counting skills.

Dimensions L53cm x W11.5cm x D2cm

How to start:

Situated the child at a table (We recommend doing writing-related activities at a table to build the habit of good writing posture).

Model how to use the tray for the child.

Read the number. (For example, “This is one”)

Extending two fingers, slowly trace the letter on the number.

Ask the child to do the same by tracing the number while reading it.

You may also use the wooden stick, modeling how to hold a pencil.

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