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letter sets - a guided english system

This set of cards is for children who are learning to associate letter symbols with the phonetic sounds. It is important for children to learn the alphabet phonetically so that they can begin sound out words. 

We can encourage children to trace the letters with the fingers while repeating the phonetic sound. The muscular movement of the hand and the tactile feel of the tracing letters, while saying or hearing the phonetic sound all play a role in fixating the letters in a child’s mind.


design considerations: 

The letter symbols and sounds system has vowels in green and consonants in a neutral brown. The background colours chosen for cards are muted so that the letters stand out. The bottom corners of the cards are rounded to help children distinguish the direction of which the cards should be placed. Subtle dotted lines act as a guide for placement of the letters.

The letters are grouped into sets to help keep track of the letters that are introduced to the child. High frequency letters are grouped into earlier sets and the sets are numbered as a suggested order to introduce the letters. Each set introduces a vowel so that once familiar with the set of letters, a child can start forming words


how to start:

Meet the child at a table. We recommend doing writing related activities at the a table to build the habit of good writing posture.

Pick three sandpaper letters and set them to the side.

Put one letter in front of the child

Say the phonetic sound of the letter. For example, “This is ahhhh” for the letter ‘a’.

Extending two fingers and slowly trace the letter on the card while saying the sound.

Ask the child to do the same by tracing the letter while saying the sound.

Move the card away and repeat for the remaining letters.

After all three letters have been traced and sounded out. You may repeat and discuss words that start with each letter.

The lessons can be very short. Keep it fun and letting the child 



for when the child is starting to gain familiarity with the letters

Children can be asked to point to the letters. “Where is ahhhh?”, for the letter ‘a’.

The letter cards can be “hiding” around the room and children can be asked to find each letter.

Children can be asked to name the letters. “What is this?”

Children can find objects around the home or in nature that starts with the letters.

Once the child is ready for more, pair these cards with our Sand Writing Tray and CVC Word Board.


Bueno Market aims to provide aesthetically beautiful educational materials inspired by Montessori principles. Our products are designed with a soothing colour palette and use natural materials to effortlessly fit into your space. 

Every detail of the products is considered to support learning. The minimalistic aesthetics are chosen purposefully to reduce distractions and help children focus on the tasks at hand.

Designed and printed in Toronto, Canada. Printed on Mohawk Fine Papers, Milled in New York, USA: Elemental Chlorine Free FSC Certified Green-e Certification Lignin Free Made Using Wind Power

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