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goal: tidying independently

montessori inspired tools to build the skills and habits around caring for things and spaces.

Let's work with children's natural drive for order and responsibility to build their capacity to care for their items and home environment. Many individual skills combine with patterns in the parent-child relationship to contribute to children who are happy to contribute to house keeping.

learning materials that support tidying independently

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tidying and home environment workshops

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unlock your parenting potential with 1-to-1 montessori coaching


get personalized montessori insight and do-able next steps

Let's design a plan that sets your child up for mastery when it comes to tidying independently. Using our montessori-inspired materials or your own, we'll tailor our plan to your home environment.

Our experience in the classroom and home environment will give you valuable insight into your child's current skills and future skills pathway. Our 1-hour virtual sessions are high value, include a personalized strategy, and actionable next steps, leaving you motivated and prepared.

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our customers know we care deeply about supporting children’s early development

Camile | Portland OR, USA | ★★★★★

This is my second time to work with Erika and I must say that she exceeded my expectations yet again! Thank you so much, Erika! I look forward to working with you much more in the future.

Jodi | AZ, USA | ★★★★★

Can't praise her enough for her attention to detail and her impeccable customer service. With out a doubt, Erika of BuenoMarket is top notch!

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