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The P Word: Empowered potty independence

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What you'll find inside The P Word:

A compact 4-module self-paced program with personalized support, learning opportunities, and a community of dozens of other like-minded families with you every step of the way.

With lifetime updates to the course and a forever membership to our private community. Join and stay with us until you've mastered this family milestone. Honestly - You determine when you're done!

Peak inside:

Module 1: The science and art of natural potty independence
 Diapering and the return to natural toileting independence
 The toileting landscape
 Honouring sensitive periods
 Clothing and toddler bodies
 Science for early independence

Module 2: Preparing for natural independence
 Early diaper freedom in practice
 Cues, patterns, and responding to eliminations
 The shared role of diapers and potties
 The importance of home
 Pre and post-potty independence
 Journalling and your written-in-sand plan
 Exercise: Building Resilience

Module 3: Crossing the potty threshold with confidence
 Starting daytime potty independence
 Roles and responsibilities
 The last daytime diaper
 A toileting independence roadmap
 Dry nights
 Pausing independence and regrouping

Module 4: Nurturing awareness and focus
 Where awareness comes from
 Awareness opportunities
 The science behind concentration
 Opening up space for focus
 Pausing awareness and regrouping
 Exercise: Mirror Work


The P Word comes with perks!

Join today and these automatically get added to your order:

 Parenting As A Practice VIP Status - $149 value!

Personalize your practice by requesting tools and techniques specific to you during our weekly Q&A Sessions. 

 The Quiet Power of Natural Consequences Workshop + Workbook - $127 value!

A timeless workshop takes the pressure out of parenting, making space for collaboration.

 The Parent-Connection Playbook + Workshop - $199 value!

Our nurturing quick guide to connection building moments that are the key to cooperation and independence plus a ticket to the live workshop and recording.

 All access-pass to The P Word Workshops + Events - $197 value!

Jump into Q&As, Special Topic Series, and Special Guest Workshops. On the house.

 A Private Members-Only Community  

Exclusive access to me and my team where we share ongoing opportunities to deepen your learning and celebrate your process and progress.


That's $999 of purpose-filled parenting goodness bundled for:


Secure our 2023 pricing and bundle today!

Enrolment is now open and our learning opportunities are ongoing - don't miss out! To make sure everyone has a great experience and access to support we limit spaces and close our doors for the year when we're full, reopening at a new price next year. 

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