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The Summer Prep Series Introduction

Welcome to The Summer Prep Series

The mindset, curation, and organization for a summer of family connection, and growth.



Today I should be sending you Part 1: MindsetFrom willful to conscious and respectful. This newsletter has a No Family Left Behind policy and today I found out that the 500+ families that had signed up for a Bueno Market newsletter couldn’t be added here on Substack. It looks like a database issue and I’m working with support to figure it out, hopefully in the next day or two.

I’m going to take this opportunity to run through the format for The Summer Prep Series with you:

June 7th (delayed) - Part 1: Mindset

June 20th - Part 1’s follow up resources + weekend challenge

June 13th - Part 2: Curation + Organization

June 17th - Part 2’s follow up resources + weekend challenge

June 20th - Part 3: Curation + Organization

June 24th - Part 3’s follow up resources + summer challenge

July 26th - Half-way Check-in

August 30th - Summer Reflection


I’ll share the companion content I had planned to share on Bueno Market’s Instagram today if you’d like to see it there and will close this off with a snippet of what’s to come.



…4 years ago, splayed out on the floor around me were thrashing limbs and cries of despair from 2 little humans, 1 year old Flora and 2.5 year old Isla, who simultaneously crumbled into this mess at the mention of a nap.

I had just launched the printable A-Z cards for Bueno Market and in the spirit of community over competition, I had it in my mind that we would at least make an appearance at Rising Tide Toronto’s Together Tuesdays, a meetup of small, creative business owners that gather monthly to collaborate, partner, and learn together. But first, my girls needed to nap.

At this point, you might be thinking this story is about how I changed these willful children into cooperative mini business partners, joining me in celebrating my launch with this community of creatives. However, I’d like to share a side far more intimate reality of how this day sparked a transition point and will perhaps connect with you too…



Thank you for your patience and hoping to have the full Part 1 in your inbox in the next day or two!

With much gratitude,


This newsletter is called Raise In Place, and is the newsletter companion to my Residential Design Consulting Services + Shop, Bueno Market. This Summer Prep post is part of a series inside that newsletter called The Summer Prep Series.
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