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Days of the Week, Toddler Calendar, Instant Download

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7 days, 7 cards. This set is a simple and gentle tool to teach:

- the days of the week
- the understanding of past, current, and present weeks

- the prerequisites to learning about months 
- opportunities to discuss past and upcoming weekly events in chronological order by attaching them to the days of the week
- Cursive and printed letters to connect to the word sounds. 
- Simple illustrations create additional visual material that can be used as a memory tool.

Instant Download:
- Includes 2 high quality print PDF files in a zip file, one which has crop marks the other does not, based on your printing needs.
- The file with crop marks will produce cards 4"x6".
- The file without crop marks will produce cards that are 4.125"x6.125".

Recommended Age Range: 2 yrs +, or earlier if you are using them as a visual tool.

How to use them:

Hang them on the fridge, on hooks, with magnets, with clothespins on a string. The individual cards makes this set very flexible. 

Turn the card over each day, and flip them all over to reset the week in a way that fits into your homes daily rhythm and routine. We end our days by flipping the card before bed, and reset our week on Sundays. In our home, Mondays start the beginning of 5 days of work and school. And the "S" days, Saturday and Sunday are our rest days when we can all be together. The calming effect of understanding which days are for work, and which are for rest can be very powerful for toddlers. 

The Design:

We don't have any fancy stickers, icons, or way to mark events or routines. This is about communicating, paying attention, and remembering together as a family 💛The cursive capital along with the printed lettering below helps the to easily identify the days of the week and start to connect the spelling to the sounds of the letters. The sweet and simple illustrations, as well as colours give additional visual cues for remembering details, and prompts us to use more specific language with our littles while introducing new and familiar vocabulary. I love how this simple calendar is JUST enough to give Isla a heads up about the week ahead helping us to communicate clearly with her and reducing tantrums - 5 days of work and school, then 2 days of rest. 


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