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by Bueno Market

The Montessori Toolbox: 6 Montessori-at-home principles for raising young children

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Can a living room layout reduce tantrums? Can a t-shirt help a toddler be more cooperative? Can child-sized cutlery build the confidence needed for writing?

Welcome to the The Montessori Toolbox, 6 core Montessori-at-home principles for families looking for a gentle, intuitive, and principled approach to guiding their family towards peaceful connection, collaboration, and independent contribution. We'll unlock the power of timeless and foundational Montessori concepts, bring them into our modern family homes with evidence-backed applications and tools.

In this mini-course you'll learn about the power of the prepared environment, critical concentration, the purpose of the prepared adult, how the hands lead the mind, making sense of sensitive periods, and the importance of intrinsic motivation. Our promise is to deliver concise, evidence-backed knowledge alongside relate-able parenting moments, actionable insights, and prompts for journalling and visualizing to help accelerate you as you strive for those big parenting goals!

Are you ready to expand your parenting toolbox? Parents like you are already beginning to make use of the family principles inside of The Montessori Toolbox, and soon you can too.

See you in the course! 

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