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by Bueno Market

The Guide to Going Diaper Free by 18 Months

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Let's make the leap to undies early by tuning into your little ones natural elimination awareness - it's there if you know what to look for!

This course is for curious soon-to-be, new, and early toddler parents who want a quick and direct way to prepare themselves to guide the toileting independence the process. This 2 hour self-study program will leave you feeling ready to go after one of the earliest and most confidence boosting self-care challenges you and your child will experience in their early years.

We've brought together Montessori principles, respectful parenting practices, and conscious parenting insights that will help you expand the ways you can tune in to your infant or toddlers natural toileting awareness. Throughout the course you'll learn to support the mindfulness and motor skills your young child needs for full toileting independence.

I'm going to go ahead and say there's so much more than potty training here - this is an opportunity to have fun, find beauty and growth in the process, and build connection to your little one.

Let's get ready to go diaper free - I'll see you in the course!
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