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  • 8 Parenting Affirmations for Rough Parenting Days
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    Erika Fraser

8 Parenting Affirmations for Rough Parenting Days

Free Parenting Affirmation Cards

Thank goodness for dry shampoo, takeout food, and if we're lucky, afternoon naps for the whole house! When things are good around here, they are REAL good. The weeks fly by. We're having fun. And then, we hit the edge of the next mountain we need to climb and everything falls apart. It feels like it will go on forever, right?! Whether it's sleep training, working on those first baby steps, learning to deal with complex toddler emotions...it's something we work on together and get through together.

When all the ice cream, wine, coffee, and chocolate in the world isn't enough to lift your spirits, hopefully these parenting affirmation cards will help. Stick them wherever you need them - on your phone, on your fridge, beside the crib. Or maybe even on your baby's back while they crawl around crying and tearing the house apart because those damn first teeth just wont pop out! 

Free Parenting Affirmation Cards

Remember. We're in this together. Raising little humans is hard work. And you're one badass human for putting in the work to raise them well. Love on! 



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    Erika Fraser

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